Tandem Family at the Network Meeting in Berlin. Photo by Olga Zarko
Tandem Family at the Network Meeting in Berlin. Photo by Olga Zarko

Let’s Stick Together

On 26 November 2021, we are celebrating 10 years of Tandem online and offline, from Praputnjak, Rome, Beirut to Kairouan, Alexandria, Manchester... Join us live or in real life. We can't wait to see you all!

Tandem 10 years. Illustration by Erica Brisson
Tandem 10 years. Illustration by Erica Brisson

Summer has passed and we’re hoping many of you embraced the opportunity to immerse yourselves in other surroundings (just because we can again!) or at least found a place to recharge a bit. With summer fading, it is now about time to get back to reality, our daily lives and our work. Amongst rebuilding strength after (or in?) a challenging period, we hope there is also space for new ideas, initiatives and positive imagination.

One festive moment we like to put on your agenda for this autumn is our Tandem 10 year anniversary: a celebratory moment in time to share with as many of you as possible, online and offline.

The idea is simple; we meet online on Friday 26 November early evening (you can find the link of the Facebook event here).

We can all connect online individually but we invite those of you who are interested, to host your own local gathering for all Tandemians close by.

Here are the confirmed locations. Join where you can!

Alexandria, Egypt
Ossama Helmy “OzOz”, ossama@araborigamicenter.org,
Location: 17 ebrahim shawky, Ebrahimya,  Alexandria
Starting time: 19:00 Local time

Manchester, England
Ben Turne, ben.turner@walktheplank.co.uk
Location: Walk the Plank, Cobden Works, 37-41 Cobden Street, Salford, M6 6WF
Starting time: 16:00 local time 

Praputnjak, CROATIA
Ivona Miloš, kkpk.praputnjak@gmail.com
Location: Praputnjak 158a, Praputnjak, CROATIA
Starting time: 17:30 local time

Kairouan, Tunisia
Mouna Alouini, mouna@aldaintranet.org
Location: Ouled Farhan 3100 Kairouan
Starting time: 18:00 local time

Rome, Italy
Lidija Pisker, lidija.pisker@gmail.com
Location: Via Bitinia 5, Rome
Starting time: 18.00 Local time

Beirut, Lebanon
Nelly Abboudnelly_abboud@hotmail.com
Location: Beirut Hamra Street (TBC)
Starting time: 17:00 Local time

Berlin, Germany
Silvana Naguib
Location: Café Blume in Berlin Neukölln, Fontanestr. 32, 12049 Berlin blumeberlin.de
Starting time: 17:30 Local time so we can be there for the online moment together.

As for Covid measures for now, the Café requires a proof of vaccination (or recovery from covid) plus an ID with picture. And for more safety measures please do the self-testing before coming to the café as well.

Belgrade, Serbia
Goran Denić
, gdenic@eunet.rs
Location: Saniyava podcast studio, Porečka 6
Starting time: 15:00 Local time

Istanbul, Turkey
Aysu Arican,
Location: DEPO / Tütün Deposu Lüleci Hendek Caddesi No.12 Tophane 34425
Starting time: 18:30 Local time

Kyiv, Ukraine
Juliia Grubrina,
Location: Kyiv, Kudryavskaya st. 8a
Starting time: 19:00 Local time


Meeting ID: 828 0431 6902
Passcode: 516271
How does it work?

You can offer whatever you like for your local gathering: maybe you’re already planning a performance for that evening and you invite some Tandemians to tag along, you open your space and invite people to bring drinks, or maybe you want to have a discussion or workshop on a specific topic.

What you do and how you do it is totally up to you, as long as:

  • it is open to other* Tandemians that live/stay close by and want to join
  • you have a laptop with internet/WIFI connection so you’re able to meet online at a specific time with all others around Europe and neighbouring countries to collectively raise a toast to the Tandem anniversary!
    *any number you feel comfortable with

Keywords: keep it easy, keep it simple and have a celebratory moment together (and maybe meet new people)!

Thank you to everyone who are organising local events!

It’s like Bryan Ferry sings; ‘Let’s Stick Together’
We hope to hear from you…..
To Be Continued!