“Mapping communities with cultural practices off the radar” prototype

“Mapping communities with cultural practices off the radar” prototype is designed and implemented by 4iS (Portugal), partner of Tandem Regions.

This process aims to build a networking format in the region of Aveiro, Central Portugal that involves community-based organizations and cultural agents, who “feel” or find themselves working “off the radar” in peripheral zones. This is explored in both geographically and socially terms and / or those”outside” of local authorities or with low participation in intervention programs and public policies, and who may currently have less access to resources.

Identifying them allows us to better understand the strength of what is around us; both regionally and nationally, but also understanding and supporting their needs and co-designing channels of equal communication between the authorities and these organisations/cultural agents. Its dissemination ensures that the awareness and value of each of these initiatives and their strength together (a new network) is maintained, has operational capacity and autonomy.

The first phase of this process is being developed through an action research mapping process across the region of Aveiro to engage these organisations and cultural agents. The second phase involves delivering workshops to further explore needs and to begin the process of developing a network of support with and outside of authorities, institutions, and within the EU through the support of the Tandem Regions prototype Partners.

Across the process we will be collaborating with Tandem Regions partners, COMM’ON (Greece), Creative Scene (UK), Leeuwarden Fryslan 2028 (Netherlands), and Museum Pfyn (Switzerland) to exchange and learn across the prototype development, each bringing a unique perspective from their experiences and contexts.

Tandem Regions was initiated by European Cultural Foundation (Netherlands), MitOst (Germany), 4is (Portugal), COMM’ON (Greece) and Ideas Factory (Bulgaria), coordinated by MitOst and developed by COMM’ON, Creative Scene (UK), Ideas Factory, Insha Osvita (Ukraine), Leeuwarden Fryslan 2028 (Netherlands), Museum Pfyn (Switzerland), R84 (Italy), 4iS
Tandem Regions is supported by European Cultural Foundation, Fondazione Cariplo and Fondazione Compagnia di San Paolo (Italy)