The Tandem Programme Step by Step

Read more about how Tandem works following the timeline of activities.

The key activities for all Tandem programmes follow this timeline. Drawing Erica Brisson.
The key activities for all Tandem programmes follow this timeline. Drawing Erica Brisson.

Call for applications
Each Tandem programme starts with an open call for applications to participate in the Partner Forum. Participants are selected based on their organisational capacities, curiosity and matching potential. When responding to an open call, you don’t have to worry about finding a matching organisation by yourself, all invited participants are introduced to each other during the Partner Forum to explore possible matches.

Partner Forum
Tandems are created during the Partner Forum, which is the very first event of each programme round. Participants are invited to find a partner to start working on a collaboration project and decide on how to organise their placement. The programme of the Partner Forum is designed to allow everyone to get to know each other by exchanging ideas and experiences. At the end of the Partner Forum, tandems get formed and they each develop a collaboration proposal that will be assessed by a jury for admission to the rest of the programme, which continues with a Kick-Off meeting.

Kick-off Meeting
Selected tandems are invited for the Kick-off Meeting where they can follow workshops to help prepare for their upcoming placements, and work on the planning of their collaboration project. The Kick-off Meeting also serves for arranging all organisational details (signing contract etc.).

The placements are key in the Tandem programme. Participants receive a grant to spend a working visit that they have planned at their partner’s organisation. The goal of placements is to gain direct experience in each other’s localities and helping participants to familiarise themselves with the partner’s organisational context before finalising the collaboration project plan.

Interim Meeting
Halfway each Tandem programme there is an Interim Meeting including workshops focusing on the past working visits and following-up on the training topics from the Kick-off Meeting. Besides sharing experiences from the placements, a main topic is to set the agenda for the Final Meeting.

Tandem collaborations
During the placements and throughout the whole project period until the final presentation, participants have time to realise their pilot project. The exact format of these projects are defined within each Tandem collaboration. However, all projects are expected to have an experimental and intercultural character, exploring local practices in the partners’ locations. Participants receive a modest start-up grant for the pilot project.

Final Meeting
During the Final Meeting, all participants share the collaboration outcomes through presentations of the realised exchange processes, workshops etc. This meeting also includes evaluation sessions and the opportunity to connect to the growing Tandem alumni network.