“The Villette Job” prototype

“The Villette Job” prototype is designed and implemented by R84 Multifactory (Italy), partner of Tandem Regions.

The Villette Job is the process of long-term stabilization of R84 Multifactory through the possible acquisition of the R84 Association’s buildings from its actual owner: a multinational oil company. The prototype consists in a year-long communication campaign devoted to tell what is the reality inside R84, the complexity of facing such a huge step for a non-profit association acting independently, the dreams and wishes of its members and the surrounding community. The campaign will make the territory aware of what is happening while changing the local perception of the area from a polluted land to an independent and co-created requalification project. An artistic event at the end of the campaign co-created with R84 members will produce a long lasting art piece in the area.

Tandem Regions was initiated by European Cultural Foundation (Netherlands), MitOst (Germany), 4is (Portugal), COMM’ON (Greece) and Ideas Factory (Bulgaria), coordinated by MitOst and developed by COMM’ON, Creative Scene (UK), Ideas Factory, Insha Osvita (Ukraine), Leeuwarden Fryslan 2028 (Netherlands), Museum Pfyn (Switzerland), R84 (Italy), 4iS
Tandem Regions is supported by European Cultural Foundation, Fondazione Cariplo and Fondazione Compagnia di San Paolo (Italy).