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On Dissent: A Collective Narrative

Between Italy, Turkey and Egypt and over the course of six months (March-August 2012), a group of artists worked together collecting and compiling texts, gestures and pictures around the notion of dissent and protest. In the historical moment we currently experience, protests have become a growing people-powering movement and a tool for fighting back the global socio-political-economical crisis. However, as The Time’s iconic cover of the Person of the Year 2011 unfortunately confirms, today we are confronted with a spectacular and mediatic marginalization of protest and dissent as one of society’s most tolerated alibis. A lecture-performance and an artist's publication were the outcomes of our artistic research project.
  1. Democracy & Open society
  2. Heritage & Memory
  3. Izmir
  4. Trento
  5. Contemporary arts
  6. Knowledge exchange
  7. Performance
  8. Publication


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Trento, Italy

Tuna Yilmaz

Kultur Departmani

Istanbul, Turkey

The connection

"On Dissent: A Collective Narrative": a connection between Trento (Italy) & Istanbul (Turkey)