Alternative Storytelling

Alternative Storytelling deals with the artistic usage of archives in photography. This is a residency programme for Egyptian and Latvian photographers, in which one artist from each country will have the opportunity to go to the partner country, and begin working on his/her project which will include the usage of local archives. In this case the term 'archive' is understood in its broadest sense as a collection of past objects, where the artists will be free to use everything from museum collections to family albums in order to create work that allows them to explore and learn more about the history of the country he/she is residing in.
  1. Heritage & Memory
  2. Cairo
  3. Riga
  4. Photography
  5. Artist in Residence

Sarah Bahgat

Townhouse Gallery

Cairo, Egypt

The connection

"Alternative Storytelling": a connection between Riga (Latvia) & Cairo (Egypt)

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