Artdrome- Literature and more

The ARTDROME project is focused on Ukrainian literature, Polish comic books and street art from both these countries. The comic book that constituted the common ground for this project is based on Serhiy Zhadan's novel Voroshylovhrad and was created by Polish artists Maciej Surma and Artur Wabik. Artdrome is a col­laboration of four organizations from Poland and Ukraine - «STAN» Youth Organization (Luhansk), To. Pole As­ socia- tion (Krakow), Rita Baum Association (Wroclav) and Publishers Forum (Lviv). Within this cooperation partners worked on producing and publishing a comic book. The second area for the project is the city of Lu­ hansk - an old name of the city is Voroshylovhrad. Between thelSth and 19th of May 2012 the comic novel was presented for the first time. Comic novel writing workshops were also produced, including the authors Artur Wabik and Marein Surma. In addition performance workshops were led by Ewa Hubar. Mikotaj Rejs and Uliana Bychenkova created graffiti art related to the comic novel. One of the mythical space in the book is The Plane Museum in Luhansk, where a concert of Drug moy gryzovik was played.
  1. Heritage & Memory
  2. Identity
  3. Urban development
  4. Kraków
  5. Lugansk
  6. Comics
  7. Performance
  8. Public Space
  9. Street art
  10. Story-telling
  11. Performance
  12. Publication

Paulina Maloy

Rita Baum Association

Wrocław, Poland

Agnieszka Cwielag

Rita Baum Association

Wrocław, Poland

Iryna Lepska

Publishers Forum

Lviv, Ukraine

Ewa Hubar

To.pole Association

Kraków, Poland

Yaroslav Minkin

STAN Literature Club

Lugansk, Ukraine

The connection

"Artdrome- Literature and more": a connection between Wrocław (Poland) & Wrocław (Poland) & Lviv (Ukraine) & Kraków (Poland) & Lugansk (Ukraine)