Bedesten is a public space art project that focuses on the urban transformation, urban life and the Bedesten street where AGÜSAD is located and aims at contributing to the urban vitality of the city through opening u p a space for art in everyday life. First, 2-3 artists from Poland will come for residencies to conduct a research and organize workshops with the local artists and art students in Anta kya. These results, including various formats and using various forms of media like film, music, sound art, performing arts, visual arts, street art, will be presented at the Bedesten Art Festival.
  1. Urban development
  2. Antakya
  3. Kraków
  4. Contemporary arts
  5. Public Space
  6. Public intervention
  7. Workshop
  8. Performance


To.Pole Association

Krakow, Poland


AGÜSAD Antakya Güncel Sanat Derneği

Antakya, Turkey

The connection

"Bedesten": a connection between Krakow (Poland) & Antakya (Turkey)