Chime! uses music as a language for cultural exploration, expression and shared celebration. A collective of professional musicians from North East England was resident in Lutsk Castle and Bell Museum, and the sur­ rounding area for three weeks, creating sonic sculptures and sound experiments for and with the local com­ munity. The project aimed to offer a starting point for an ongoing connection between the Tandem partners which enables future two-way collaboration, broadening out to encompass other art forms. Chime! Is both an evocation of music practice, a significant sound that marks auspicious moments and a state of harmony, accord and agreement.
  1. Community development
  2. Rural development
  3. Crook
  4. Lutsk
  5. Community arts
  6. Music
  7. Festival co-programming
  8. Knowledge exchange
  9. Public intervention
  10. Performance

Julie Ward

Jack Drum Arts

Crook, UK

Olena Khadzhyohlova

Spivdruzhnist-Volyn Charity Fund

Lutsk, Ukraine

The connection

"Chime!": a connection between Crook (UK) & Lutsk (Ukraine)