Converging sites

Converging sites involves (1) contemporary artists that will collaborate with local experts and communities in employing methods from (2) heritage studies (mainly archaeology and folklore) to explore (3) the respective roles of landscape and narrative in the constructing of local histories and identities, specifically in the wider regions of Veszprém, Hungary and Leeuwarden, Fryslân, The Netherlands.
  1. Built Heritage
  2. Cross-sector collaboration
  3. European Capital of Culture
  4. Identity
  5. Archaeology
  6. Community arts
  7. Contemporary arts

Tamás Péterváry

Laczko Dezso Múzeum

Veszprém, Hungary

Arda van Tiggelen

Stichting VHDG

Leeuwarden, The Netherlands

The connection

"Converging sites": a connection between Veszprém (Hungary) & Leeuwarden (The Netherlands)