Tandem Fryslan - Creative Understanding in New Territories - Celine Wierda & Catherine Bourne - by Guido Bosua

Creative Understanding in New Territories

The concept for our project is the playful but rigorous exploration of ways of working with communities in a genuine, immersive, equitable way. We are interested in what happens when you combine _____ with _____, particularly if the two elements are unexpected. What happens when you find yourself in new territories where the community is not used to creating art, together, in public space?
  1. Community development
  2. Organisational development
  3. Participation & Active citizenship
  4. Blackpool, Cork
  5. Leeuwarden
  6. Community arts
  7. Crafts
  8. Theatre

Celine Wierda

SELF. collective

Leeuwarden, the Netherlands

Catherine Bourne

Cork Community Art Link

Blackpool, Cork, Ireland

The connection

"Creative Understanding in New Territories": a connection between Leeuwarden (the Netherlands) & Blackpool, Cork (Ireland)