Cross-cultural film camp: “Voices of Young Eurasia”

Cross-cultural and cross-media art camp, based on peer-to-peer education for teenagers, aims to facilitate the process of film co-production by the teenagers from the local community in Selcuk and from the sensitive social groups in Belgrade. Theatre and filmmaking are both an end and a means for their self-discovery.
  1. Intercultural exchange
  2. Technology
  3. Youth & Children
  4. Festival
  5. Film & Cinema
  6. Media
  7. Theatre
  8. Youth
  9. Co-creation
  10. Education
  11. Filmmaking
  12. Research
  13. Workshop
  14. Film

Nesrin Ucarlar

Tiyatro Medresesi

Izmir, Turkey

Tiyatro Medresesi was designed as the first international artistic research, creation and performance centre in Turkey in 2011 where almost a hundred of artists can stay, dine and work together and share their works the audience. Located in a wonderful nature, Medrese hosts workshops on theatre, dance, cinema, music, painting, literature and philosophy.

Marija Rodic

Association “Satibara”

Belgrade, Serbia

"Satibara" was founded for fighting prejudices and discrimination through the art of film, promoting film activism and raising awareness of the importance of art and culture for a healthy society. Through film workshops, film festival, presentation, discussions etc. we contribute to visibility of marginalized social groups and cultural decentralization.

The connection

"Cross-cultural film camp: “Voices of Young Eurasia”": a connection between Izmir (Turkey) & Belgrade (Serbia)