Cross-cultural film camp “Voices of Young Eurasia”

Cross-cultural and cross-media art camp, based on peer-to-peer education for teenagers, aims to facilitate the process of film co-production by the teenagers from the local community in Selcuk and from the sensitive social groups in Belgrade. Theatre and filmmaking are both an end and a means for their self-discovery.
  1. Community development
  2. Diversity
  3. Freedom of expression
  4. Participation & Active citizenship
  5. Film & Cinema
  6. Theatre
  7. Youth

Nesrin Ucarkar Senocak

Tiyatro Medresesi

Izmir, Turkey

Marija Rodic

Association “Satibara”

Belgrade, Serbia

The connection

"Cross-cultural film camp “Voices of Young Eurasia”": a connection between Izmir (Turkey) & Belgrade (Serbia)