Game Evening in Elefsina - Credit : Nicoleta Contouli

Eleusis Box : Research on Public Space through Collaborative Game Design

EleusisBox is a prototype of a cards game, working with a digital device, to discuss, archive & share stories on public space. It is the outcome of a collaborative process between Dcalk (Tours, France), Motus Terrae (Elefsina, Greece) and a group of Eleusinians'citizens.
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  1. Cross-sector collaboration
  2. Open source & Sharing economy
  3. Participation & Active citizenship
  4. K. Petralona, Athens
  5. Paris
  6. Community arts
  7. Digital
  8. Gaming
  9. Performance
  10. Public Space
  11. Co-creation
  12. Gaming
  13. Research
  14. Story-telling
  15. Workshop
  16. Online (platform)
  17. Performance
  18. Toolkit

Catherine Lenoble


Tours, France

Dcalk is a french collective that underlines the critical content in games and explores ways of creating, crafting or distributing games in the digital & public space.

Angeliki Lampiri

Motus Terrae

Elefsina, Greece

Motus Terrae's main field of action is artistic creation in public space (site-specific performances, interventions in public space, street shows and more). Our philosophy is using the artistic practices as a medium to meeting our co-citizens and engaging them in the creative process through workshops and collaborative actions.

The connection

"Eleusis Box : Research on Public Space through Collaborative Game Design": a connection between Tours (France) & Elefsina (Greece)