Expanded (art) SCHOOL

The project EXPANDED (art) SCHOOL consists of a series of workshops and encounters taking take place in Tu rkish universities and cultural organization (March 2012), a Summer Cam p with international and Turkish participants (September 2012), and a final exhibition in Berlin (December 2012). The project EXPANDED aims at establishing an ongoing dialog and a possible research partnership with students and academic staff of Faculties of Fi ne Arts in Anatolia n cities. As contemporary art production and reception get increasingly institutionalized and market-d riven, it often seems to be pushing aside the defining concepts of contemporary art such as discussion, participation and critical thinking.
  1. Community development
  2. Democracy & Open society
  3. Berlin
  4. İstanbul
  5. Education
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Berlin, Germany


Okula Dönüş İnisiyatifi - Ortak Mufredat

İstanbul, Turkey

The connection

"Expanded (art) SCHOOL": a connection between Berlin (Germany) & İstanbul (Turkey)