Tandem Fryslan - PICNIC - Ivona Milos & Jacqueline Heerema - by Guido Bosua

PICNIC – Sources & Resources

Starting with a period of research on Terschelling and Praputnjak, we will try to develop a shared repertoire of experiences, stories, tastes and tools to address the local societal and environmental challenges. After this, we bring together our findings during a communal PICNIC in Praputnak, to be discussed, documented and shared through broader networks and social media.
  1. Community development
  2. Environment
  3. Sustainability
  4. Den Haag
  5. Praputnjak
  6. Community arts
  7. Heritage

Jacqueline Heerema


Den Haag, the Netherlands

The connection

"PICNIC - Sources & Resources": a connection between Praputnjak (Croatia) & Den Haag (the Netherlands)