The Adventures of Trashpeople

Groups of 8-12 year-olds working with visual artists will design and make «trash-people» from domestic waste and then photograph the sculptures in their home environments to make short picture narratives showing what happens when the trash-people escape from the bi n. The groups will work in their home countries but maintain contact with each other through current networking mea ns. The work will enable participants to reflect on the topic of waste disposal and will be exhibited at the end of the project in 2012.
  1. Community development
  2. Environment
  3. Youth & Children
  4. Canakkale
  5. Crook
  6. Community arts
  7. Workshop
  8. Exhibition

Patrick BURTON

Jack Drum Arts

Crook, United Kingdom



Canakkale, Turkey

The connection

"The Adventures of Trashpeople": a connection between Crook (United Kingdom) & Canakkale (Turkey)