The Country on My Back

Migration movements are very significant for the cities of Anta kya and Berli n. Anta kya is a place of «Farewell» and Berlin a place of «Arrival» (and vice versa, if people migrate backwards) - an oblique but significant correlation of these two cities. Both aspects shall be combined and thus allow for a broader perception of this mutual phenomenon. I n both cities migrant are interviewed as the experts of their everyday lives, with central issues such as their individual experiences, perceptions of migration, the a arrival, the wait, the going or the return. Their stories will be the source for our theater project.
  1. Migration
  2. Antakya
  3. Berlin
  4. Public Space
  5. Theatre
  6. Playwriting
  7. Story-telling
  8. Performance

Çağla İLK

Ballhaus Naunynstrasse

Berlin, Germany

Barış Onur ÖRS

Antakya İm Atölyesi

Antakya, Turkey

The connection

"The Country on My Back": a connection between Berlin (Germany) & Antakya (Turkey)