THE FLOOD: Gilgamesh and the quest of immortality

THE FLOOD: Gilgamesh and the quest of immortality

From the two shores of the Mediterranean, Zoukak theatre company ad cultural association (Beirut) and Center for cultural decontamination CZKD (Belgrade) collaborates by sharing their experiences and knowledge in working within sociopolitical contexts in the field of art and culture. The project includes researches, encounters, roundtables, field visits, presentations, capacity building trainings, and workshop with immigrants leading to a theatre performance. The project is focused on the contemporary global crisis in international political and cultural approaches, dealing with the immigration crisis today as a representative mean. The project is guided by the epic of Gilgamesh, where the journey of Gilgamesh and the contemporary immigrants correlates: a quest for the immortal life/a quest for a life of dignity, crossing the river of death/crossing the sea of death.
  1. Global & Local
  2. Migration
  3. Beirut
  4. Belgrade
  5. Theatre
  6. Discussion platform
  7. Research
  8. Workshop

Lola Dobrila Joksimovic

Center for Cultural Decontamination

Belgrade, Serbia

Junaid Sarieddeen

Zoukak Theatre Company and Cultural Association

Beirut, Lebanon

The connection

"THE FLOOD: Gilgamesh and the quest of immortality": a connection between Belgrade (Serbia) & Beirut (Lebanon)

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