Al-Khalifa Wings


Now, are you ready to see the magic Agnes Michalczyk brings to al-Khalifa wings!

Use your smartphone to view the above photo of the mural through:

– Our filter on Athar Lina’s Instagram profile (
– Download the “Artivive” application, and then view the photo/ mural through it.

If you’re ever in al-Khalifa Park, don’t forget to take your selfie in front of “al-Khalifa Wings”!

About Al-Khalifa Park:
An environmental and heritage park located in the heart of al-Khalifa, connecting it to Zaynhum Public Housing Project, its conceptualization and design are the outcome of Athar Lina’s Groundwater Research Project. It is a step towards social and economic development in the sectors of environment, health, education, employment, heritage awareness, tourism promotion and raising the standard of living in the area.
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About Al-Khalifa:
Al-Khalifa neighbourhood lies in the southern section of Historic Cairo close to the Citadel and immediately north of the Historic Southern Cemetery; it is known for its impressive, yet under-appreciated set of listed monuments dating from the 9th to the 19th century. Al-Khalifa has traditionally functioned both as a popular site of visitation and tourism and as a venue for crafts such as building crafts and metalwork. It houses a community that takes pride in its connection to its local heritage yet does not benefit from it as a potential socio-economic resource.
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Tandem 360° Makanouna Initiative: a short movie “Jaras”

On the opposite side of Tripoli’s Citadel, there is a neighborhood where three kids Bashir, Fadi, and Ahlam live in. Their houses and even their school are linked by pedestrian alleyways and stairs that shaped their daily life. One aspect seems different about their streets than the rest of the neighborhood “The sound of the bell”. It’s the bell that initiates their daily community activities and alters their lives in a positive manner. After a day at school, Bashir looks concerned about his exam result and is reluctant to tell his mom about it, but the bell ends up saving the day.

Who is behind the sound of the bell? This film reveals how the urban fabric of the neighborhood operates in an intriguing manner shaping the lives of its children. All of that is because of a woman, Hajje Fahde. Her sense of belonging to the neighborhood made her a referent for the kids and their parents. She is constantly learning and exciting ideas that benefit her surrounding and is confident in make the alleyways look as beautiful as they can. She paints the walls with colors, recycles material and uses them as pots to her plants teaches the children the importance of planting and gathering garbage in one place.