from @komunitasizmir's Instagram (graphic designer: Emre Yıldız)
from @komunitasizmir's Instagram (graphic designer: Emre Yıldız)

Meet Komünitas: Izmir Cooperation of Independent Performance and Culture Studies

7 Tandem Turkey alumni organisations and cultural operators in Izmir - Acik Studio, Fatih Gençkal, Hayy Open Space, Karantina Initiative, NomadMind, Sevcan Sönmez and Tiyatro 4 – joined forces on building a consortium of cooperation for independent performance and culture studies.

Komünitas initially focuses on defining an interdisciplinary and international common ground for cooperation in cultural management on an organizational, legal and financial level, based in Izmir. In this realm, the cooperation held a series of online events with the participation of artists, culture, arts and civil society professionals and academicians in the light of their past and recent experience.

Serra and Aysu from our team have gladly contributed to the discussion on “Polycentrism, Cross-Border Collaborations and Funding Criteria in the Independent Culture and Art Field” with their experience in the works of MitOst and Anadolu Kültür.
You can download the report of their first harvesting of such discussions.

Mersin, Turkey - Photo by Emrah Gökdemir (Tandem Turkey 2011-12 Alumnus)
Aysu Arican