Shores - Stories from Across the Sea

Shores – Stories from Across the Sea

"Shores - Stories from Across the Sea” is a cultural project aiming to raise awareness on migration among youth people in both sides of the Mediterranean through personal stories of migrants. It intends to explore the stories of migration between Tunisia and Italy through different artistic expressions including comics, street arts and photography. Tunisian and Italian artists will work together to give a picture of migration from a double perspective: the departure and the arrival countries, the two "shores" thus embracing both the beginning and the end of the migrating process. Artistic productions will be displayed on the “Shores” Tumblr profile and promoted on social media.
  1. Migration
  2. Sasso Marconi
  3. Tunis
  4. Comics
  5. Photography
  6. Street art
  7. Story-telling
  8. Online (platform)

Flore Thoreau La Salle

Africa e Mediterraneo

Sasso Marconi, Italia

Asma Kaouech

Fanni Raghman Anni

Tunis, Tunisia

The connection

"Shores - Stories from Across the Sea": a connection between Sasso Marconi (Italia) & Tunis (Tunisia)