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Food for Open Borders

FOB is a space of cultural exchange through art, food and cooking. Through food, this project explores the new cultures created by migration of peoples in Toulouse and Gaziantep. Gardening, cooking, eating, meeting, creating are the recipe of this innovative and delicious cultural project.
  1. Community development
  2. cultural exchange
  3. Gender & Sexuality
  4. Global & Local
  5. Global Food and Power
  6. Identity
  7. Migration
  8. Urban development
  9. Gaziantep
  10. Toulouse
  11. Design
  12. Heritage
  13. Performance
  14. Photography
  15. Artist in Residence
  16. Co-creation
  17. Workshop
  18. Exhibition
  19. Performance

Stéphane Robert


Toulouse, france

Hala Khankan

Kırkayak Kültür

Gaziantep, Turkey

The connection

"Food for Open Borders": a connection between Toulouse (france) & Gaziantep (Turkey)

The process

Shared stories