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Tandem C&P Interim Meeting, Birmingham 2015 Photo by Guido Bosua

Looking back at Tandem C&P: a Conversation with Phil Wood

As Tandem C&P, one of our programmes focusing on Community and Participation has come to an end, we talk to...
Joy and Marlies

What did I learn from Tandem? A Personal Story

Marlies Juffermans (SMAAK, Amersfoort) joined Tandem C&P in 2016 and partnered with Joy Thorpe (Gallery Oldham, Manchester) to develop new...
A visit from Place to Place

Poetic Diary of a Journey from Leeds to Utrecht

Throughout their Tandem collaboration Place to Place, Adrian Sinclair (Leeds, UK) and Leendert van Veldhuizen (Utrecht, The Netherlands) have joined...
CP Ede 2015 (1)

Tandem C&P 2014-15

The second round of Tandem C&P enagaged 7 collaboration in the field of community arts, voluntary or amateur arts and...
CP ANtwerp 2014 (4)

Tandem C&P 2013-14

Tandem Community & Participation started as a pilot programme in 2013, supporting 10 cultural organisations to develop a tailor-made skill-set...
Adrian & Leendert 2

Place to Place

  • Leendert van Veldhuizen ZIMIHC
  • Adrian Sinclair Chapel FM/Heads Together Productions
Eva & Pim 2


  • Pim Rose Restart vzw
  • Eva van Netten Welcome To The Village

Vrolijkheid CAN Co-Create

  • Tom Saal Stichting de Vrolijkheid
  • Sara Domville Community Arts North West (CAN)
Liesbeth & Katja 2

Community Music / Community building through music

  • Katja Scheer Stiftung Bürgerhaus Wilhelmsburg
  • Liesbeth Eshuis SKVR

Why Europe needs Tandem?

An answer by Prof. Franco Bianchini at the “International Perspectives on Participation and Engagement in the Arts” conference from 20-21...
Moving Bars rehearsal

Tandem Moves Bars

What is Tandem all about? How does Tandem work? These questions have been answered in this video by Daniela Grosset,...
Sharing a Cultural Route

Sharing a Cultural Route

  • Vital Schraenen MET-X
  • Rien Sprenger Sharing Arts Society
Carnival Communities

Carnival Communities

  • Giles Agis Brouhaha International
  • Claudia Raven Dunya Foundation
Opening Doors

Opening Doors

  • Tunde Adefioye Urban woorden
  • Frans Hakkemars Droomtheater