Unlimited Areas

Within this project two partner organizations, in Paris and in Çanakkale, will organize workshops that are focus on visual and performing arts with a common conceptual framework. We will realize live performances and rotating exhibitions that will be held in two of the emerging cities, Paris and Çanakkale, with the final products of the long-term workshops that will be realized with a group of 8-10 mentally disabled people. With this process, opportunities to share experiences within pedagogical approaches are created by the exchange of teaching-artists that work in both cities.
  1. Community development
  2. Persons with disabilities
  3. Canakkale
  4. Paris
  5. Community arts
  6. Visual arts
  7. Exhibition
  8. Performance



Paris, France


CABININ Çanakkale Biennial Initiative

Canakkale, Turkey

The connection

"Unlimited Areas": a connection between Paris (France) & Canakkale (Turkey)