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Seferihisar Bay / Izmir. Photo by Filiz Izem Yasin


Marilli Mastrantoni, Director of Entropia Theater (Greece) brings us moving images and reflections from Camp Europe, an international project exploring...
Rasha and Sanaz in Sweden

Reflections from a Tandem Placement: Sanaz and Rasha's story

Rasha Shaaban (National Museum of World Culture, Göteborg) shares insights and what she learned from the first placement of her...
Mothers and daughters. Photo by Omar Adel

Mothers and Daughters

Tandem Shaml participants Lydia Ziemke (suite42, Berlin) and OzOz Ossama Helmy (Origami, Alexandria) have been joining forces on the workshop...
Photo via Grips Theater

Personal Reflections from a Tandem Participant

Ossama Helmy (Origami, Alexandria) has participated to Tandem Shaml in 2016-17, and partnered with Lydia Ziemke (suite42, Berlin) on FOLD...
Circular storytelling making of. Photo by Constanze Flamme

The Power of Circular Storytelling : Call for Participation

Tandem Europe participants Maria Cojocariu and Aranka Dijkstra are inviting students from Lyon and Delft to participate in an interdisciplinary...
Tandem Shaml Open Call 2018_new deadline_

Applications are now closed | OPEN CALL: Tandem Shaml 2018-2019

The Tandem programme for cultural exchange is looking for 26 cultural managers from Europe and the Arab region to join...
Tandem Shaml Open Call F to F 2018_new deadline

Tandem Shaml Needs You!

Share the new Tandem Shaml open call face to face and let’s grow the Tandem family together.
Sanaz and Rasha

Find out how Mindfulness through Arts can help you

We have all heard of mindfulness, but we don't always associate the practice with the arts. This is what Sanaz...

Art Real || Shifting Narratives Through Arts

Rasha Shaaban (National Museum of World Culture, Göteborg) and Sanaz Amidi (Rosetta Arts Centre, London) have joined the latest edition...
Silvana, photo by Constanze Flamme

Silvana Naguib

Meet Silvana, Tandem Project officer.

Olga Alexeeva

Meet Olga, the Tandem Project Manager.
For the Absent Ones. Photo by Khaled Barakeh

Parallel Crossings - A Collaborative Dialogue

Jon Davis is a Tandem Turkey alumni, he works as a Producer at LIFT in London. During Tandem, he worked...

Little by little

Stéphane Robert, who has been working on the project Food for Open Borders with Hala Khankan as a participant in...
Where are the borders? Photo by Constanze Flamme

Coming up on 1 March: new Tandem Shaml open call

Get your calendar: on 1 March 2018, we will launch the call for the fifth round of Tandem Shaml -...
Bordeline Offensive open call

Bordeline Offensive: Call to Arms

Apply now for Borderline Offensive (2017-2020), a programme hosted by Tandem alumni Tiago and Lola, and a partnership of 12...