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Abbas & Heba in Cairo, picture by Constanze Flamme

Collaboration in Uncertain times

Heba Mousa from Tabdeel, Egypt and Abbas Sbeity from MENA Design Research Center, Lebanon share their thoughts on their Tandem...

Statement on the Sentence of Osman Kavala

Our friend Osman Kavala has been sentenced to life in prison by a Turkish court. As a community and members...

Connecting with Tradition to Create Opportunities for all Communities

We recently published Tandem 360° participant Corinne Grassi's story of visiting her Tandem partner Maya Gadir in Sudan. Within their...
Yasmine ElNour (Kandaka.khronicles)

Tandem: An Opportunity to Explore Similarities and Differences Somewhere Else

Corinne Grassi joined the Tandem 360 programme with Siwa Platform in Tunisia. Together with her Tandem partner Maya Gadir from...

Tunisia : Taste of passion

Yassin Brahim from Association Message D’art in Oujda, Morocco, shares his thoughts about his experience in Tandem.
Badra and Firas

Nostalgia, a travel to the past!

Badra Jlassi from the National Union of Tunisian Women (UNFT) in Kairouan, Tunisia share thoughts on her Tandem project "Nostalgia"....
the smile of a craftswoman from the village of Sejnane when young people appreciate her work

Through details: from Craftsmanship to Entrepreneurship

Dhafer Amine Nasraoui from JCI Rades, Tunisia, shares his thoughts on his Tandem journey. Dhafer was working in Tandem with...
The group picture

Sharing our passion

Afifa Elsin from Lebanese International for Training and Development (LITD), Lebanon, shares thoughts on her Tandem project "Tourism Ambassador". Afifa...

It was such a journey!

Ashraquet Fakhris from Egypt shares thoughts on her Tandem journey. She was working in Tandem with Dhafer Nasraoui from JCI...
Moments from the project

A journey towards the Community Sourced Film Festival فينا منا

Syrine Rekhis from Inno-PEACE (Innovators for Peace), Tunisia, shares thoughts on her Tandem project "Community-Sourced Film Festival". Syrine was working...

War in Ukraine

Read the official MitOst statement about the war in Ukraine
Tandem 360° Partner Forum 2020, Berlin - photo by Constanze Flamme

Egle Kryzanauskaite

Meet Egle, Project Officer for Tandem 360°.
Online Tandem - Blqees and Rund

On Virtual Grounds

Rund Al-Arabi from Locale in Khartoum, Sudan, shares thoughts on her Tandem project "Linked Narratives". Rund was working in Tandem...
Motaz and Mirna

"Folklore Bridges": a cross-cultural music residency from the North of Jordan to the Heart of Cairo

Mirna Nizar from Abrez Music in Amman, Jordan, shares thoughts on her Tandem project "Folklore Bridges". Mirna is working in...
Olfa and Heba
by Constanze Flamme

Human connections are a blessing / Tandem 360° connections are a blessing

Olfa Arfaoui from La Fabrique in Tunis, Tunisia, shares thoughts on her Tandem journey. Olfa was working in Tandem with...