Future Heritage

Future Heritage

The collaborative project 'Future Heritage' wants to transform local heritage and knowledge for a sustainable, global society. We will highlight cultural heritage in Palestine, which is disappearing and reproduce it in new forms and techniques to develop and promote it locally and internationally. ‘Future Heritage’ is a cooperation project between Ramallah Municipality, Palestine and Public Art Lab, Berlin in the field of visual arts, handcrafts and technology. The local community (handicraftsmen and -women in the field of embroidery and pottery) will create together with artists, designers and technologists new objects and patterns, which will be enhanced through new technologies.
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  1. Community development
  2. Cross-sector collaboration
  3. cultural exchange
  4. Global & Local
  5. Heritage & Memory
  6. Identity
  7. Technology
  8. Berlin
  9. Ramallah
  10. Crafts
  11. Design
  12. Digital
  13. Heritage
  14. Visual art
  15. Co-creation
  16. Workshop
  17. Exhibition
  18. Publication
  19. Video (process documentary)

Jasmin Grimm

Public Art Lab

Berlin, Germany


Sally Abu Bakr

Ramallah Municipality

Ramallah, Palestine

The connection

"Future Heritage": a connection between Berlin (Germany) & Ramallah (Palestine)

The process