Tandem Cultural Capitals

Winning the European Capital of Culture title puts the cultural scene of cities and regions in the European spotlight. Professionalising international networking, enabling local players to cooperate on European level and sharing know-how, is an important part in the programme - before, during but also after this specific year. Tandem Cultural Capitals brings together cultural professionals from eight European Capitals of Culture of the past and future, in order to facilitate, renew and strengthen this central strategic dimension.

Stories & collaborations

Tandem Cultural Capitals Call image

Tandem Cultural Capitals: applications closed

We are looking for cultural professionals and their organisations from eight* former or future European Capitals of Culture to explore...
Tandem Shaml 2014-15 participants at the Partner Forum in Tunis

Mirror Images: Cultural Collaboration and Civil Society

Tandem has enabled 160 cross-border collaborations during the past five years. We took this opportunity to commission writer and researcher...
Tandem Fryslân Partner Forum in Terschelling, November 2017. Photo by Guido Bosua

Reflection, Confidence and Scaling Up: An Interview with Sjoerd Bootsma

Leeuwarden-based Sjoerd Bootsma participated in Tandem C&P in 2013, working on Criss-Crossing communities with Sandra Hall in Birmingham. Both their...
Screenprint team Jelle, Eva. Photo by Jadranka Lackovic

Creative Embassies for Building Collectively

Tandem Fryslân participants Wytse Dijkstra (Leeuwarden) and Ivana Lucic (Rijeka) have spent their collaborative year working on Creative Embassies. Learn...

Tandem Cultural Capitals is co-developed by European Cultural Foundation together with Leeuwarden-Fryslân 2028 and Rijeka 2020, in cooperation with Galway 2020, Eleusis 2021, Novi Sad 2021, Esch-zur-Alzette 2022, Kaunas 2022 and Veszprém 2023.

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